Why Choosing Love as pre-requisite is harmonious

8th Dec 2020: Choosing life partner is one of very important decisions of our lives. It has to be chosen in terms of love based on mutual attraction which is harmonious in terms of evolutionary perspective.

Holding integrity of thought as fundamental block of our existence, when we choose our partner, we are at our best judgement given our experiences and understanding of world and its workings. Those are very influential factors which do override our whims ( general public call it 'practical reasoning') . What the general public fails to understand that such experiences are different for each individual.

When 'love' is foundation of relationship, the commitment levels of those involved are incomparable. Also, as this is a chosen decision, it generally elevates the peace within which make the individuals in the relationship to be more in harmony with nature . For what nature's design is looking for is to have advanced offsprings as compared to predecessor generations given the environment and conditions. This is why certain cultures have certain understanding and adaption levels which should not be looked down upon by others as such population have not moved from the geography for a very long time and their understanding of the world is best suited for the environment

how this understanding is being impacted due to influx of knowledge in modern times is separate topic in itself.